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Why a Hosting in Servicios Digitales?

We, as an Marketing Digital Agency and Web Design With more than 20 years in the market, we take care of the construction, maintenance, updating and monitoring of 95% of the websites hosted with us, in this way we control the traffic, the use of resources and we make sure that each project complies with best practices and technical features:

  • Desarrollo de plugins para WordPress
    Well built and optimized websites.
  • Desarrollo de plugins para WordPress
    Light images, with optimal formats for the web.
  • Desarrollo de plugins para WordPress
    Adequate security measures.
  • Desarrollo de plugins para WordPress
    Minimum consumption of server resources, by monitoring and correcting bottlenecks.
  • Desarrollo de plugins para WordPress
    Using CDN (Content Delivery Network):
    Helps save CPU, RAM and Bandwidth.
  • Desarrollo de plugins para WordPress
    Page and Object Cache with Redis and Memcached.
  • Desarrollo de plugins para WordPress
    Constant updating of Plugins, Themes and WordPress.
¿Por qué un Hosting en Servicios Digitales?

Unlike traditional hosting companies, we offer a more personalized, comprehensive service, accompaniment from start to finish to help our clients meet their goals and optimize time. We provide tailor-made solutions for each project, adapting hosting plans at any time without the need to incur additional expenses.

Hosting plans for entrepreneurs and companies, easy to manage and create projects with cPanel.

Web Hosting

Designed for entrepreneurs and micro businesses

Unlimited websites


SSL Let’s Encrypt

Website builder

LiteSpeed + LSCache

$1.49 USD/month


Hosting optimized for E-commerce

Dedicated RAM/CPU resources

X4 Performance and speed

More simultaneous visits

Unlimited bandwidth

SSD storage

$2.39 USD/month


Solutions for medium and large companies

Unlimited websites

Dedicated RAM/CPU resources

X6 Performance and speed

SSD storage

Unlimited inodes

$7.79 USD/month

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Support 24/7/365

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Free SSL certificate, protection against attacks.

fast and reliable

Professional-grade power with more speed and 99.99% uptime.

Money Back Guarantee

Buy with confidence knowing that we guarantee your satisfaction.

Hosting for all your business needs

Our companies deserve the best. That is why we make professional, fast and secure hosting available to everyone with the best of server technology powered by LiteSpeed ​​Web Server.

Corporate mail
Website security and free SSL
Website builder
E-commerce hosting
Reseller hosting solutions

LiteSpeed WebServer

Maximum performance for your applications

Optimized event-driven architecture of LiteSpeed ​​Web Server, capable of handling thousands of concurrent clients with minimal memory consumption and CPU usage.

Replaces Nginx and Apache

When you switch to LiteSpeed ​​Web Server, you can be sure that your sites will experience measurable improvements in speed. With LiteSpeed’s advanced built-in caching engine, you can eliminate the need for HTTPS reverse proxies or additional third-party caching layers required with Apache. Also, LiteSpeed ​​stores compressed cache files, where Nginx does not.

LiteSpeed Web Server - Hosting in Colombia

Plugin LiteSpeed Cache
for major CMS

With LiteSpeed ​​Caché plugins you can speed up the most popular web applications with minimal effort.

Manage cache accurately with LSCache’s powerful tag-based Smart Purge technology.

LiteSpeed ​​Cache easily handles peak traffic and daily loads alike.

Allocation of assigned resources

Allocated server resources

By obtaining a hosting account with us, you will access an environment more similar to a virtual server than to shared hosting. Your hosting account will have assigned server resources such as RAM and CPU.


Our hosting plans come equipped with allocated RAM and CPU at an incredible cost.

PHP Selector

Simple graphical interface to manage PHP versions, variables and extensions (Memcached, Redis, OPCache, among others).

Easily manage your hosting preferences with cPanel, the world’s most widely used server management software.

Create email accounts with your domain name.

Manage your security preferences.

Monitor resources and statistics.

Create your website with a few clicks.

DNS administration, creation of additional domains, subdomains and more.

File management

Manage SSH, SFTP access

Create and manage databases



A web hosting or web hosting is a necessary service to put a web page on the Internet. Web pages or applications are made up of files and databases necessary for their operation. These files must be placed on a server connected to the Internet in order to be viewed on the network. Servicios Digitales is a hosting and domainagency in Cali Colombia, where we provide web page design and administration services.

Hosting and Domain in Cali

A shared hosting (traditional hosting) is a space that is rented within a server and in which several accounts or websites are located. It is called shared because all the websites that are within this server share the resources of a machine such as RAM, processor, bandwidth, etc., which makes performance possibilities more limited.

A VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server) is a hosting that has resources of a machine assigned by software, with more power, 10 times more traffic than a shared hosting and greater flexibility for its administration.

A VPS hosting is ideal for virtual stores or websites developed in WordPress, guaranteeing their performance at all times and facilitating their administration.

A domain is the Internet name that a company acquires. The main function of domain names is to translate IP addresses into memorable and easy-to-find terms, such as:,,

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