Guide to increase engagement on Instagram

Guide to increase engagement on Instagram
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Guide to increase engagement on Instagram

What to do and what not to do when your Instagram interactions are down?

Lately the interactions of the publications or posts on Instagram have gone down, have you noticed it? Every day there are many changes in the Instagram algorithm and, with everything Meta brings, it shouldn’t surprise us that it’s going to get weirder and weirder, but today we share this guide so you know what to do when the interactions are down and you want to correct it.

What to do when your Instagram interactions are down

*Engagement: Add CTA or calls to action to all your posts. Stop posting aimlessly or without telling people what they can do after seeing and reading your content.

Focus on making trending and educational reels and carousels.

*Lives: Plan and execute collaborative Lives with strategic alliances that add value to your brand.

*Viral content:Analyze which content has the greatest reach or is the most viral in your account and take advantage of it, advertise or promote it, share it with other accounts.

*Updates:Update the design of your feed or profile and take the opportunity to relaunch your products or services.

*Frequency and discipline: Constancy and patience, the results will come if you pay attention to the statistics and interact with other accounts.

What not to do to increase Instagram interactions

X Buy accounts with followers or buy followers

X Participate in interaction groups with random audiences

X Follow and unfollow too often

X Send DM or direct or private messages asking them to follow you

In short, a good strategy with a plan will ensure that your brand has coherence and growth that benefits it and does not wear it out. Do you want to create a social media strategy? Click here.

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