SEO for beginners: what is a web audit?

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SEO for beginners: what is a web audit?

What is a web audit?

A web audit is a deep analysis of a complete site, diagnosing its strengths and weaknesses in detail, and proposing a roadmap with clear objectives.

Before proposing any SEO strategy, a review should be carried out, which helps to understand its past, present and consider the future of positioning for this digital business.

In order not to seem like a fortune teller, we will tell you about it in more detail.

*In the past: With an audit we can know if there have been significant changes in the structure, content or design of the site.

*Now or present: All pages are analyzed at a technical, content, usability and security level to know the current state of the web.

*Future: Helps outline the workflow in order to implement improvements to optimize all elements of the network and achieve better positioning.

In web auditing tools are very important like Screaming Frog, Semrush, Google Analytics and most importantly Google Search Console. That is why we insist on connecting it to your website, because without it the process is difficult.

Find out the status of your website and the options to boost your digital business now.

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