3 Instagram updates that will leave you cold

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3 Instagram updates that will leave you cold

With the appearance of new tools, applications and social networks, Instagram is taking out all the Aces up its sleeve to generate more and more value and retain its users.

We share 3 super forceful Instagram updates that will mark the stop this year:

  1. Delete photos from already published carousels

You will be able to delete photos from carousels that you have already published without the need to delete them completely as it has worked for a long time.


  1. 3D effects to the rhythm of the music

Release 3D effects in the lyrics of the songs that are added to Stories and Reels that you share.


  1. Subscriptions to earn money on Instagram

Receive money from followers. Subscriptions will be enabled where, for a small price, you can receive exclusive content.


Try it and take your brand to another level, become a benchmark for your competition and your followers.

Remember that you should always be guided by a strategy so that communication and actions are consistent and you can provide more value to followers for which they are willing to pay, either with money or loyalty.

Create and execute your strategy, we help you.

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