Hosting Amazon Web Services

Hosting Amazon Web Services
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Premium Web Hosting for your websites with Amazon technology

What is AWS (Amazon Web Services)?

AWS, Amazon Web Services or Amazon Web Services is the infrastructure created by Amazon that offers the server service in the cloud. It has a lot of technology behind it that not only allows us to create or deploy applications or websites in the cloud, but also goes much further.

It allows you to monitor and manage, in a very simple way, a set of very complex servers.

Why was AWS, Amazon Web Services or Amazon Web Services born?

When Jeff Bezos created the Amazon store, he dedicated himself exclusively to the marketing of books. The store became more flexible and today it is the largest e-commerce on the entire web. In order to become one, it had to invest in having a robust infrastructure that would support the large traffic that came to the site: servers in various regions with the best technology in the world. However, this technology was not fully exploited due to the temporalities of the service, depending on special dates, for example, where there is a greater load for the servers, but also some stations where there is not so much demand from users that leaves the technology free. latent to be used.

Then, all the technological infrastructure that Amazon had was made available to other users such as developers and content generators at a very low cost.

What is the main benefit of AWS, Amazon Web Services or Amazon Web Services?

*The main benefit of AWS, Amazon Web Services or Amazon Web Services is Pay on Demand: you pay for the number of hours, bandwidth or traffic your website receives.

*It is cheap compared to the traditional hosting service where you pay a fixed cost annually and you must pay more if you have specific needs.

However, to highlight is also the number of services offered.

Instances, EC2, or AWS Elastic Servers, Amazon Web Services, or Amazon Web Services

One of the best known services is EC2 or elastic servers that allow the freedom to manipulate an entire server. In a very simple way you can start configuring RAM memory, a specific operating system, disk and if at any time you need to change or make it grow, you can do it very simply by increasing the capacity or having more servers and placing a race balancer in which the information in these instances.

Another very popular service is the EC3 storage service that allows you to upload static content at very affordable costs.

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