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TCPF and the post cookie era
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TCPF and the post cookie era

TCPF as an alternative to the extinction of third-party cookies

The digital advertising market is currently facing a drastic change in one of the pillars of its business: the extinction of third-party cookies, which used to obtain information about the browsing habits and behavior of users on websites. .

This, which has been seen by different groups as a violation of the privacy of each person’s information, has motivated many technology companies to work on alternative solutions to these cookies.

This is why IAB Spain, the Spanish advertising association dedicated to the representation and development of the advertising market both inside and outside the country, is involved in the development of the TCPF.

What does the TCPF mean?

For its acronym in English: Transparency Consent and Privacy Framework and in Spanish it is called the framework of transparency, consent and privacy.

What does the TCPF consist of?

IAB Spain proposes a universal ID for unregistered internet traffic, which will allow users to navigate partially anonymously.

How does the TCPF work?

Lekaroz, CEO Adbibo/Next14 and member of the Board of IAB Spain, explains “TCPF is conceived as an identification solution for unauthenticated traffic, something that most proposed third-party cookie phase-out solutions do not allow. The flow begins in the CMP (tools that collect user consent) where the user gives his consent for the generation of a pseudonymous universal identifier. The user is then redirected to a separate central domain where the random id is generated in the form of a first-party cookie and then returned to the local domain where the id is synced. It is necessary to designate a data controller for the central domain».

Summarizing the operation of the TCPF:

*Involves the creation of a universal identifier for users who are not registered on the website they browse.

*The universal identifier is a first-party Cookie and is generated in a central domain to which the user is sent after clicking <agree> (consent) on the local domain consent platform.

*After giving consent, the user is returned to the destination website.

*The generated identifier will be unique among the platforms that use the TCPF

It is expected that, once this process is done, advertisers can continue to collect information, interaction data from their campaigns through universal identifiers without first-hand access to user information.

The body of specialized work created by the board of directors of IAB Spain for the development of this light of advertisers, Innotech, explains: «The central portal will allow users to manage their privacy knowing the platforms and technological solutions that have their identifier, where they obtained consent and for how long. The user may alter any of this data at will.

Although the TCPF is still in the process of development, several advantages can be seen:

*Integration and availability: because it is based on TCF technology, which is the most widely used consent management tool on the European continent, it is highly integrated and will have open availability for all types of business.

*Increased privacy and broader response: Users will be able to manage their privacy settings, and since the tool does not require prior registration on sites (unauthenticated traffic) it generates a broader offer for campaigns.

*A native solution: this solution is being developed natively within the advertising ecosystem, that is, it is designed to support industries in the digital advertising sector.

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