Dynamic Ads for Facebook Streaming

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Dynamic Ads for Facebook Streaming

Streaming Services have achieved great popularity in recent years, with Platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video or HBO becoming the main providers in the entertainment sector for their offer of series and movies that, due to the pandemic, presented a great expansion and Facebook prepared to propose a specific solution.

These are the so-called dynamic ads, which allow a complete catalog of products to be loaded and then distributed to the public according to their particular interest. This could already be done in other sectors but, on April 5, Facebook announced that they will have a complementary approach.

Thus, the launch of its dynamic ads is made for streaming services, specifically. As stated, Facebook enables dynamic ads for Streaming Services, allowing these companies to upload and upload their entire content catalog to their ad platform (Facebook Ads Manager) in order to reach a more specific audience.

This reach is based on the interests shown by users both on Facebook and Instagram from followed pages or groups, as well as shared publications that can be related to series or movies within the catalog of streaming platforms that opt ​​for this format. of announcements, or even if these are related to the participating actors.

According to the company’s announcement in its announcement, most new streaming users are not looking for specific content, rather, they expect to see the variety of content they offer, so this new advertising solution allows services to adapt to this demand.

Similarly, they indicate that up to 64% of these users try new streaming services, since they know that they have the content they are looking for.

So when a person is reached by an ad in their Facebook or Instagram feed about a streaming service, they will be able to “swipe the ad to see personalized and relevant titles”.


The difference is that now, advertisers can automatically generate unique ads for each headline, without having to set up individual ads: they set up their campaign once, easily add new headlines, and continually attract the Most Likely to Convert by Showing the headline. right to the right users on any type of device, from mobile to desktop and tablet.

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